I believe that reading is the key that unlocks the mind. I often find that one sentence in a book, a single quote, a little block of text, sparks a thought process in my head that leads to finding a brick of truth that helps me build a better me.

I learn so much from reading that I decided to write about what goes on in my analytical, yet somewhat spaghetti-coded, mind when I come across these little igniting snippets of wisdom. I think, "Hey, if this helps me, it may help others." Enjoy.



Not long ago, I hated to read. To be more correct, I hated not being able to read quickly.

It would take me so long to read a chapter in a book that I found myself with mounds of books with a half chapters read...


As Aristotle said, "Contemplation is the highest form of activity."

The ability to think for ourselves is a great gift that we often unknowingly forfeit.

We get completely inundated by the...


Writing is an incredible tool that helps me digest what's going on in my brain.

It's amazing when you put things on paper, you become more engaged in what you're thinking.

Many people find...


You've heard it said before, repetition is the key to learning. It's also the key to learning a lot.

If you think you've learned it all, you've really learned nothing. In life, the learning process never stops...

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Disclaimer. My mind is somewhat random at times. I make no claim that what you're about to read won't make you crazy, help you become President, or serve as a turning point in your life that makes you achieve greatness.

But, I do hope to convey that you're not alone when you realize you may have superhuman strength and believe that you can live a life of purpose and passion.

The World's Greatest Lie

James R. Wright

The book The Alchemist holds a very special place in my heart. There are so many interesting similarities that I find between myself and the main character, Santiago—a shepherd boy in search of a treasure. Or really,...


James R. Wright

I’ve never been one to believe in New Year’s resolutions. “They’re dumb. No one sets and achieves them.” I’ve always said that I accomplish more when I set short term goals. If I’m...

Hi. I'm Joey. I'm a special needs cat with an autoimmune disorder that has almost killed me 3 times. When I was a kitten, I found this human and I knew he'd take care of me. It's been a ruff road, but I do my best to live my 9 lives to the fullest.

My humans may think they rescued me, but I know better. I've made them better people, and for that, they owe me a life of treats and toys (and medicine).

How Joey Changed Everything